More and more companies are switching to digital systems to support their daily operations. This marks important progress and also sees impressive results: accidents and injuries decrease, risk becomes more understandable, and processes streamline and simplify. But if the data used in digital systems is not connected or up to date, the concept becomes less effective. Making decisions based on ad-hoc information can often mean the difference between preventing an incident and an incident occurring; using disparate systems, dashboards and infrastructure can complicate and delay this process. The need for integrated solutions is an overarching strategic objective for many industry-leading organizations.

Business Impact

Incorporating OSIsoft PI System with Permit Vision enables the end user to view the actual and authorized state of all equipment, ensuring unprecedented situational awareness and serving as a basis for cumulative and predictive Risk management. An integrated system that allows the workforce to be better prepared, better informed, and better connected. Live equipment data is visible directly from the Permit Vision graphical overview, and users can view critical real-time information during various steps in the permitting, isolation, and risk assessment process. All from a single solution. Conversely, permit data (such as isolations in place) can be visualized in the PI ProcessBook.

Solution Approach

Connecting Permit Vision to OSISoft Pi System allows for a bidirectional increase in information quality, with minimal infrastructure adjustments. The asset must only be running an OSISoft PI System with Data Archive 2012, Asset Framework 2014 R2, PI WebAPI 2015 R3 and PI Coresight 2016*, and Permit Vision 7 on-premise or in the cloud. Permit Vision uses Osisoft PI WebAPIs to retrieve real-time data on equipment, allowing eVision systems to send information to the Asset Framework via ODBC. The integration allows for visualization and incorporation of data both in the Permit Vision system, as well as the OSIsoft Process Book. This creates a holistic and complete view of business critical data.