In summary, Arista CONNEX is equivalent to the implementation of a reliability centre composed of several engineers specialized in operations and diagnostics, but without all the IT material, office space, staffing, training, maintenance and R&D hurdles needed to implement this type of department. Arista CONNEX can be viewed as a remote centre of excellence that mainly consists of the implementation of a best-in-class data acquisitioning system, continuous and automatic performance analysis of renewable energy producing assets, automatic reporting, and alarm generation. Highly experienced data analysts and engineers specialized in the wind and solar energy sector are involved in Arista CONNEX to provide added value information to the Client’s site operators, managers, data analysts and corporate team. With Arista CONNEX, data are analyzed to establish trends on individual renewable assets as well as the overall fleet. Arista’s experts can look to see how certain locations, operating conditions, and duration of service are impacting the renewable assets and make recommendations based on this and other data, thereby contributing to enhanced turbine or solar panels performance over the long term and lowering the cost of energy.

Business Impact

Arista CONNEX enables owners to rapidly and efficiently obtain the added value information needed to effectively operate renewable assets without losing resources and time related to tasks generally needed to perform these types of analysis (e.g. IT design/implementation/maintenance, performance analysis, personal training, reporting, R&D, etc.). Specifically, Arista CONNEX brings the following added values and advantages: Low financial risk (or capex): Arista CONNEX is the best option to integrate a highly developed architecture and to rapidly obtain highly specialized performance analysis of assets without the substantial capital costs generally related to this type of infrastructure Arista CONNEX is a subscription based offering, and thus requires very little initial capital cost. Another important advantage is that the Client will obtain only added value information, with the rest of the detailed analysis being taken care of by Arista CONNEX. Therefore, managers, operators can focus on value-added tasks. Energy gains/savings through Arista’s performance analysis have been demonstrated in the past and are undoubtedly providing the client financial advantages. High-frequency data archiving with a very robust, best-in-class industrial database also represents an important added value. Low overhead costs for management or maintenance. And rapid deployment.

Solution Approach

Drawing from its in-depth knowledge of conception, operation and maintenance of renewable assets, data mining expertise, and IT/OT framework, Arista has created Arista CONNEX, which will help improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, increase availability, and extend asset lifetimes. The Arista CONNEX framework will also enable renewable energy owners to obtain or achieve the following: Continuous, independent, high-frequency, and secure archiving of operational data. Continuous and automatic performance evaluation and reporting (daily, monthly, and yearly) for all levels of the organization, i.e. Corporate Reports, Analyst Reports, Operation Reports. Data interpretation and recommendations to O&M, Analysts and Executive teams. Visualization tools for post-analysis results. Under-performance notifications. Remote access to continuous performance analysis results (FTP, Web or VPN.) Prescriptions/recommendations to explain asset health and performance of the renewable assets to owners and operators. A block of consulting hours for technical support. And much more…