INTUNE+ Control Loop Performance Monitoring

ControlSoft, Inc.



INTUNE®+ Control Loop Performance Monitoring (CLPM) software provides a non-intrusive plant management and predictive maintenance tool that combines process control monitoring with powerful diagnostic and tuning features. INTUNE+ CLPM software includes over 80 standard process measures with real-time analysis and condition-based assessment. Much more than just a number cruncher that pulls data from a historical file, INTUNE+ performance indices allow you to start and stop calculations based on shifts or batches, reset error calculations based on operator mode changes, or trigger entire sets of calculations based on alarm states - all in real time. The conditioning triggers can be based on any INTUNE+ value, I/O tag, or PI Systemvalue. INTUNE+ can read and write values using either OPC or a direct interface for the PI System.

Business Impact

INTUNE+ CLPM software helps industrial operating companies optimize plant performance with existing assets through improvements in their process control. These improvements will help to increase plant productivity, minimize energy consumption, improve consistency of product quality with less waste, increase plant engineering and maintenance productivity and support continuous improvements, such as with Six Sigma.

Solution Approach

INTUNE+ software interfaces with the OSIsoft PI System® to leverage valuable historical and real-time data that can be used to optimize plant performance. Analyzing this data, INTUNE+ software can make adjustments to process variables that will help your process run in a stable, predictable, and consistent manner, at or close to setpoint.