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Vortex Edge - Data Store Connect


Real time data streaming from OSIsoft® PI System® to any platform(s), anywhere, then back again maintaining a single version of the truth.


APERIO Data Forgery Protection


APERIO developed the ‘’polygraph for machines’’. Our data polygraph technology enables operational teams to verify the integrity of the data they receive.



Ekhosoft Inc.

EKHO delivers powerful, event driven applications with supporting KPI’s and Dashboards, to drive performance improvement initiatives in Production, Downtime, Quality, OEE, Energy, and Maintenance.


The Element Platform

Element Analytics, Inc

Rapidly build Asset Frameworks and continuously prepare data for analytics



EXELE Information Systems, Inc.

Exele's TopView® software is a powerful, yet easy-to-configure, alarm management, notification, and remote monitoring tool for the PI System® and other data.




Falkonry is used to increase yield, reduce downtime, and improve quality by identifying and recognizing patterns of and process operation from time-based data.


iPMS - Insight Plant Management System

Insight Soluções em Tecnologia

This solution help managers, in the area of power generation, to manage their plants with excellence, through accurate and quality information, without high investments.


OSIsoft PI System connectivity toolkit for LabVIEW

National Instruments Company

This integration between LabVIEW and the PI System allows users to stream data bi-directionally between any National Instruments (NI) platform and the PI System.



PowerRunner, LLC

PowerRunner is an exceptionally efficient application that joins and delivers highly granular, real-time OT/IT data to support operational decision management for critical utility business proceses


Process Plugins Suite of Performance and CBM Apps

Process Innovations Inc.

The Process Plugins suite of apps provides an end to end solution for the big data problem.


ThingWorx IOT Application Enablement Platform


Enables creation of apps, solutions and experiences for smart connected products


MindSphere for Offshore


Scalable digitalization platform for the offshore industry.


Cellular IoT Edge Module and Connected Services

SIOS Ingenieria SA de CV

IoT Micro Assets monitoring, provides all the features of a large scale PI system under a Connected Services Business model.



SparkCognition, Inc.

SparkPredict provides artificial intelligence capabilities to protect the health of machine assets, predict downtime, minimize maintenance costs, and optimize schedules.


Sensor upgrade using Wormhole™ technology

StratusIOTsolutions, LLC

Stratus Cloud Sensor Development Kit for the OSIsoft PI System allows you to connect your sensors to your PI System quickly with out-of-box connectivity.


Synergistics Assets Monitoring

Synergistics South America S.A.

Condition Monitoring of assets in case of worst functionality reducing on site inspections. The solution will reduce cost and increase the people safety.



Toumetis, Inc.

Cascadence™ is a proven platform for predictive analytics and complex machine learning for industrial IoT, developed by Toumetis, Inc.


VIZIYA’s WorkAlign IIoT Solution

VIZIYA Corporation

The VIZIYA IIoT Solution connects your real-time PI System data with your CMMS, and then makes the data actionable, creating a more predictive maintenance organization.



Radix Engenharia e Desenvolvimento

CI2BI - Chemical Injection real time data to Business Intelligence: monitoring chemical injection to optimize business results


Power Factors

Power Factors, LLC

Drive the Physical and Financial Performance of your Clean Energy Portfolio. Making It Work!


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