Accreditation and Specialization
All companies that have a formal partnership with OSIsoft must follow the OSIsoft training and business requirements to ensure the quality of their services and offerings. In addition to the requirements, partners can earn additional recognition by adding accreditation and specialization to their skills. The Accreditation Program is for an individual working at an OSIsoft Partner company and is designed to recognize specific PI System technical skills for that individual. The specialization program recognizes specific partner company skills, either for an industry, an emerging market or a value-added solution.

Partner Accreditation Program
The Accreditation Program recognizes specific skills of the individual employees at an OSIsoft Partner company. Accreditations are earned by the employee and one employee may have multiple accreditations. The first accreditation topic is the "PI System Infrastructure Specialist" and is mandatory for all additional accreditations. To complete the PI System Infrastructure Specialist Accreditation, the individual must have completed technical training requirements, online business training requirements, presented a completed PI System project and successfully pass the accreditation review. The Partner Directory will show how many accredited individuals a partner company employs. Additional topics will be introduced in the second part of 2016.

Partner Specialization Program
The Specializations Program recognizes a company's skill set of completing a PI System project, either for a specific industry, an emerging market or a value-added solution. When a company earns a specialization, it is a validation that the partner has the experience and the resources to conduct such a PI System implementation for our customers. The Partner Directory will show which specializations that a partner has successfully attained. Specializations are being introduced throughout 2016.