Frequently Asked Questions

This section presents answers to frequently asked questions related to the Partner Ecosphere Program and Partnership process.


Q1 – What happens if I am not interested in being a member of the OSIsoft partner Ecosphere, but still interested in having access to a PI Development System?

At the end of your trial period, you can purchase a yearly subscription to PI Dev Club.  More information here:


Q2 – Do you have example of successful solutions or applications?

During each of our conferences and seminars, we have customer presentations that show their applications and success, including many that have been created or supported by partners. All presentations are available on our Web site.  We suggest that your look at some presentations to give you an idea of successful solutions: 


Q3 – Can I attend Partner Bootcamp call and get discount on training even if I’m still in the partnering process?

We would recommend discussing this with your partner manager. Usually, if you have almost completed step 2 of the partnering process, we may provide you access and discount code. 


Q4 – What is my opportunity to grow? Do you have partner tiers in your program?

The Partner Ecosphere offers tiers for SI partners.  This allow your company to get more recognition as you grow your PI System practices.  We usually require one year at the registered level prior to go to the higher tiers.  In addition, partners may submit their solutions to be published on the solutions marketplace, work with their customer to have presentations at OSIsoft events and look at potential specialization in the partner program.  All of these should help you generate more leads and more business.


Q5 – What are OSIsoft’s main events?  Can we sponsor or exhibit?

Globally with have two main events. They are our Users Conference. Typically, we have one in San Francisco during the Spring and one in EMEA (Different city each year) during the fall.  We offer full sponsorship opportunities that includes having a booth at the Partner Expo. Consult our events Web Site for more information. (

Regional or local events and seminars are held throughout the world on a regular basis.  Some of them may offer sponsorship or exhibitor and some may not.  Contact the local Partner Manager to learn about the different opportunities in a specific region.

Sponsorship is limited to formal member of the OSIsoft Partner Ecosphere.


Q6 – Can we have access to your customer list?

OSIsoft policy is not to share our customer list with partners and third parties.  Please work with your Partner Manager to define your joint go-to-market and identify joint potential customer.  Once you are a partner you will be able to publish your offering and solutions on the OSIsoft Marketplace (partner directory, solutions listing or both).  Besides sponsoring at our event, this will be the main way you can reach out to our customers.


Q7 – Can we have access to the OSIsoft sales team?

Your Partner Manager will be able to work with you to introduce you to specific account manager when there is a joint opportunity at a customer.  Your main communication channel with OSIsoft sales team and OSIsoft employee in general will be the partner directory and the solutions Marketplace.


Q8 – Do your provide partner exclusivity for an industry or region?

We do not provide exclusivity to partners for a specific market or region (There could be some exceptions).  As you are defining your go to market, it is important that you discuss with your Partner Manager to validate which industry and/or region where is there is demand for your offering and validate that you are not targeting a market where there is already many existing partners. 


Q9 – Does OSIsoft customer needs any specific licenses to use third party software?

If you have created your solutions or applications using one of the OSIsoft developer technologies, the customer will need to be licenses for PI System Access.  Please contact your Partner Manager and he will put you in contact with the customer account manager to validate licensing.


Q10 – Does OSIsoft provides logos and branding guidelines for naming products and solutions?

Once you are a member of the Partner Ecosphere, you will have the right to use the appropriate OSIsoft and OSIsoft Partner logos.  In addition, we also have guidelines on naming your products that are interacting with the PI System. All these information are published in the OSIsoft Branding Guidelines.


Q11 – When do I get access to partner portal and benefits?

Once you have completed step 3, and you are a formal members of the OSIsoft Partner Ecosphere, you will be provided access to the partner portal and to partner benefits.