Learning and Technical Resources

OSIsoft offers a variety of learning and technical resources to help you get started with building your PI System practice.  

The OSIsoft Learning website is where you can get more information and check the schedule of upcoming classes (both our public training rooms and our online courses) and register for them. Additionally, this is where you can access the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a fully functional PI System running in our Microsoft Azure cloud. Complete a lab at your pace or just open a VM and play around with the PI System, without fear of damage to your own production data.

Online Business Training

As a partner, you will have access to the OSIsoft Online University, which is comprised of more than 100 hours of video training on the business values of the OSIsoft PI System Infrastructure and on the use of the PI System across many industries. There are also specific training modules created for Partner information. 


Online Learning Resources

The OSIsoft Learning YouTube Channel is a convenient way to learn about the PI System anytime, anywhere. Watch videos to learn what our products are, how to install and configure them, and how to use them! Watch a standalone video to focus on a specific learning objective or take advantage of our playlists to learn more on the same topics and products. Make sure to subscribe to stay current on our newly released videos! If you are new to the PI System, a great place to start is our PI System Basics Playlist.

Learn from the comfort of your own desk and at a time that files your schedule in an OSIsoft Small Private Online Course (SPOC)!  Work at your own pace using the course’s video lectures, exercises, and discussion forums.  Also, complete and submit your final project to an OSIsoft facilitator for feedback and to earn a certificate of completion for the course. 

Classroom Training

OSIsoft hosts instructor led training classes around the world in our OSIsoft learning centers. These courses are designed using the latest Instructional Systems Design methods and are designed to be mostly hands-on because we know that people learn when they do. They break down the common and most valuable tasks that a PI System user or administrator might encounter and present them in an interactive way. Click here to find a learning center near you.

For partners, we highly recommend that your technical staff start with the Partner Bootcamp training where students will learn and get hands on experience from the perspective of an architect, administrator, end user, and integrator of the PI System. Topics covered include architecture, security, data types, data flow, client applications and programming with PI Developer technologies.  This course is an accelerated course bundle created specifically for partners.  The material is delivered at a rigorous pace, but with ample time to develop skills. The primary goal of this course is to the give our partners a solid grounding in the PI System so they can bring maximum value to their customers.


PI DevClub

The PI Developers Club (PI DevClub) is an online offering that provides resources for extending PI System capabilities beyond what comes out of the box.  The public and member-exclusive features include supported discussion forums, a comprehensive development PI System, facilitated training, documentation, technical content, and access to the community. PI DevClub is intended to facilitate communication and collaboration on PI System programming and integration between OSIsoft partners, customers, employees and 3rd parties.


Technical Support 

The Tech Support site gives you access to the latest videos and troubleshooting information as well as product alerts, releases, updates and more. Track your download history, update your profile, open a new case or generate a license file.