Why Partner with Us?

An OSIsoft Partner Ecosphere membership can be a great tool for your business and your marketing. In addition to the Partner EcoSphere we offer other options that allow you access to technical expertise and development tools.

If you need information or training on the PI System, we recommend that you register for our PI Square Community and our Tech Support site (registration is free). This will provide you access to discussion forums and documentation. You can also visit our OSIsoft Learning Channel on YouTube for free online training on the PI System.

PI Square Community    

If you need access to a development PI System or technical assistance, whether you are supporting a customer or want to develop an application based on the PI System, we recommend joining our PI Developers Club. You'll have access to a development PI System, technical support and additional information about implementation and application development. If you're new to the PI System we recommend joining the PI Developers Club to develop your expertise prior to registering for the Partner Ecosphere.

PI Developers Club    

Finally, if you already have PI System expertise or have an application or technology that can integrate with the PI System, consider joining the OSIsoft Partner Ecosphere. Before joining, please take a look at the benefits and requirements for each partner type. You can then start your application by clicking here. Once you have submitted your application, we'll contact you to discuss our joint value proposition and the next steps in the partnering process.

Apply for Partner EcoSphere