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SISCO helps PI System users create value with standards by providing solutions based on knowledge and experience that foster interoperability in unique and innovative ways.



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SISCO helps our customers create value with open interoperable standards by providing solutions based on knowledge, experience and innovation. We use our detailed knowledge of the standards, the energy industry and the OSIsoft PI System to deliver robust and secure solutions that foster interoperability in unique and innovative ways. Our solutions include: IEC 61850 interfaces and tools for power system automation and communications; COMTRADE file processing interfaces to enable PI with enterprise class disturbance file management; CIM messaging and data management adapters to provide rapid deployment of model-driven applications based on PI AF; and ICCP-TASE.2 interfaces for power plant dispatching and SCADA communications. SISCO's unmatched understanding of these standards is the result of extensive experience developing the standards and applying them to solve some of the toughest technical challenges facing utilities today. We have worked with companies to apply IEC 61850 to wide area protection of transmission systems to improve asset utilization and prevents cascade failures. SISCO is helping customers leverage EMS models based on the IEC Common Information Model (CIM) combined with IEC 61850 engineering tools and processes to rapidly deploy new applications by automating the configuration of PI AF and managing tag naming to provide a true model-driven architecture for the OSIsoft PI System. SISCO is helping users automatically capture power system disturbance information from their substation devices and associating it to the power system assets to optimize the effectiveness of their asset management applications. From power plants to substations to control centers SISCO is transforming the world of energy using open standards in unique and innovative ways.

Partner Type: Independent Software Vendor, System Integrator

Active Locations: Asia-Pacific, Central America and Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America

Industries: Engineering Services, Information Technology, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Partner Tier: Registered



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Capturing the value of asset information through multiple views within AF



Providing a Unified Enterprise View of Power System Disturbances



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SISCO CIM Adapter Enables Rapid Deployment of AF

The SISCO CIM Adapter reduces the time required to deploy and maintain AF, automates entry of data, minimizes errors, and allows for searching PI Tags in the context of other models. With the adapter, AF becomes a single repository of operational data that can be used for a variety of applications. One end user can view a single asset type across facilities to improve CBM, while another views the asset within the context of line operations for process optimization. For electric utilities, this flexibility and automation allows them to better manage smart grid systems and reduces manual reconfiguration and data handling. Put simply, with the SISCO CIM Adapter, companies spend less time configuring data and more time improving business operations.


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SISCO COMTRADE Utility for Disturbance Analysis

The SISCO COMTRADE Utility reduces the time needed to acquire disturbance information so companies can be more efficient and effective in resolving problems. Relevant business users can receive real-time notifications of events and perform immediate analysis. Within Asset Framework, disturbance data is associated to the impacted assets so event information can be utilized for CBM analysis and asset lifetime calculations.


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