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Dexcent Inc

Dexcent provides services and solutions for optimization of plant operations and business performance through knowledge and expertise in industrial information, infrastructure, and process control systems.



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Dexcent is a full service engineering solutions company focused on providing intelligence and empowering industrial business operations. We take a systematic approach to developing comprehensive solutions. Industrial Information: When the need is managing knowledge, integrating business data with operational data, or responding to new business requirements, Dexcent provides data-driven solutions resulting in a powerful advantage to their users. Dexcent: • Offers the full range of data management services required to design, collect, validate, store, and distribute information to the business and operational consumers. • Delivers the right information, at the right time, and in the correct context to support effective action. • Ensures quality data and data algorithms are available to support operational decisions and maintenance planning by taking asset management to the next level with the Dexcent Asset Analytics Solution (DAAS). Leveraging the power of data historians, Dexcent is able to provide the simple, single value alarms and trend views that are common in the industry. More importantly, DAAS also delivers complex, multi-value degradation analysis and multi-level notifications; cumulative event tracking that spans shifts, days, weeks, even months; and data driven, persistent, condition monitoring that integrates with workflow and escalation systems. Industrial Infrastructure: Whether Dexcent's clients are implementing converging technology solutions, establishing proven industrial compliant workflow processes, pursuing alignment between IT and ICS for the first time, or looking for post implementation “fine tuning” of their existing industrial infrastructure operations, Dexcent’s team provides step-by step support to achieve their industrial goals. Control Systems: New automation technologies and industry advancements have expanded the scope and value of automation. Dexcent understands the fit-for-purpose nature of this highly complex environment. Being vendor neutral allows the Dexcent team to ensure that the inter-compatibility of products and technologies are the design principles used to engineer solutions that are unbiased, non-proprietary, standardized, flexible and expandable.

Partner Type: System Integrator

Active Locations: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico, North America, Venezuela

Industries: Chemical & Petrochemical, Engineering Services, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Water & Wastewater

Partner Tier: Registered



11420 170 Street
Edmonton, T5S 1K6
Phone: +1(780) 482-4100


PI System Infrastructure Specialists: 2


Accredited individuals that have completed the PI System Infrastructure specialist accreditation, have demonstrated a deep technical understanding of the PI System Infrastructure and have practical project experience. They also have completed OSIsoft business training and PI System projects while working for their current partner company.