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Dimension Software Ltd

Dimension Software is a specialist PI system solution provider covering the full range of services from design through to development, implementation, support and training.



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Dimension Software is a solution provider primarily specializing in the PI system by OSIsoft and the Microsoft stack particularly .NET development, SQL Server, Microsoft BI, etc. Dimension Software has a long, proud history in the energy industry. Our experience is particularly strong in the power generation and transmissions industries, water and the oil & gas industry. We provide the full range of engineering, support and training services for the PI system. Our solutions include: • PI system upgrades, migrations, installations, etc. • Asset information and reporting systems • Performance improvement solutions • Business system integration • Decision support systems • Situational awareness visualization • Root cause analysis tools • Condition based monitoring and proactive maintenance • Training and support

Partner Type: System Integrator

Active Locations: Asia-Pacific, Australia, Canada, Europe, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, North America, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States Midwest, United States North East, United States South, United States West

Industries: Chemical & Petrochemical, Discrete Manufacturing, Facilities, Food & Beverages, Information Technology, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Transmission & Distribution, Water & Wastewater

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PO Box 11590, Ellerslie Ellerslie
Auckland, 1542
Phone: +64 21 522 591


PI System Infrastructure Specialists: 1


Accredited individuals that have completed the PI System Infrastructure specialist accreditation, have demonstrated a deep technical understanding of the PI System Infrastructure and have practical project experience. They also have completed OSIsoft business training and PI System projects while working for their current partner company.


OSIsoft Marketplace Solutions


Alarm Sentinel

Alarm Sentinel for the PI System combines your SCADA/DCS alarms and PI System data. Rich functionality/browser based it provides insights for post event analysis.



Products & Services


Preview of our industry-leading PI solutions Asset Intellect and Alarm Sentinel.

New to the OSIsoft PI system marketplace, learn about our industry-first products that offer you unprecedented operational visibility of your entire plant’s operational data. Leverage the power of the PI Asset Framework to bring together DCS alarms and events, traditional OSIsoft PI data and other data sources for structured visibility on any device. Consolidate your Business Intelligence tools, such as Tableau, SSRS, and Power BI, into one fully interactive, flexible, asset centric and configurable platform with rich functionality. Don't hesitate to contact us for a demo today.


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Alarm Sentinel | Correlate alarms and events with PI System data

Securely collect your SCADA and DCS alarms and events using standard PI system interfaces. Effectively view alarms, analyze, notify and report to identify longer-term issues before they become critical. View, filter, correlate, trend and analyze all of your SCADA, HMI and DCS alarms via the PI system using our HTML5 solution. Easily scale to multiple sites. Summarized data reporting, post-event, and ad-hoc analysis and trending features to assist with alarm analysis. Define self service alarm notifications to alert when certain alarms are received. Gain insights into your problematic alarms. Associate user comments and documents with each alarm Key Performance Indicator. Contact us for a demo today.


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Asset Intellect | Visualize your operational, asset management and engineering data in one place.

Asset Intellect provides a single pane of glass for your OSIsoft PI System and Business Intelligence data sources, leveraging the power of the PI Asset Framework. Flexible, configurable and HTML5 based, Asset Intellect allows you to visualize your entire operation from any device, wherever you are. Supports PI Vision, configurable automated reporting, Event Frame data entry, alarms & events, documents, drawings, reports, maintenance data, advanced analytics with Seeq, asset health maps, CMMS integration and more. Integrates common reporting tools including Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting (SSRS) and most other browser-based BI tools. Asset Intellect provides a one stop, configurable, asset centric view of all your operational data sources. Control prolific spreadsheets, bring together relevant information into one spot, rank your assets via health scores, empower your field workers from any device and much more! Contact us for a demo today.


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