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Electrotek Concepts, Inc.

Electrotek analyzes, measures, and solves electric power systems problems. We develop PQView®, the industry’s leading software for PQ monitoring, analysis, reporting, and automatic fault location.



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Electrotek Concepts, Inc. is a world-renowned power systems and power quality (PQ) engineering consulting firm. Electrotek is known for its charter accomplishments in software development, research, applications and problem-solving work allowing utilities, manufacturers and their customers understand, identify, solve and prevent (UISP) power systems and power quality (PQ) problems. Electrotek measures, analyzes, simulates and solves PQ problems in utility and customer power systems. Electrotek also conducts PQ testing of electrical and electronic equipment in our advanced PQ laboratory. To continue our quest to develop new PQ engineers and help utilities, manufacturers and their customers, Electrotek provides basic and advanced training on power systems and all PQ topics covering energy sources, power transmission and delivery, facility and equipment design and in other areas important to advancing PQ for all individuals in all industries. Our expertise extends from the utility generators through the power system to inside customer electrical systems including their electrical/electronic loads and the correct methods to mitigate PQ problems. Our customers include electric utilities, power transmission and distribution (wires) companies, product manufacturers, building and electrical system designers and end users—residential, commercial and industrial. The experience of Electrotek’s award-winning team of PQ engineers extends from experts in utility power systems to holding leadership positions on IEEE and IEC standards boards. Electrotek's work impacts all residential, commercial and industrial power- and equipment-related industries daily. New and existing generic and specific PQ and product-related standards continue to emerge and mature because of our work. Electrotek's engineering teams have decades of experience, armed and ready to address any PQ problem at any level.

Partner Type: Independent Software Vendor, System Integrator

Active Locations: Asia-Pacific, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Central America and Caribbean, China, Colombia, Croatia, Europe, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Latin America, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, North America, Norway, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States Midwest, United States North East, United States South, United States West

Industries: Engineering Services, Transmission & Distribution

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100 Cummings Center Suite 229C
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915
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Products & Services



PQView is a multi-component software system developed by Electrotek Concepts® for building and analyzing databases of power, power quality, and energy measurements. PQView integrates data from digital relays, fault recorders, power quality monitors, smart meters, and SCADA historians into an open relational database. PQView Fault Location Modules automatically combine electric power systems recordings with data from SCADA, GIS, and network models to provide estimated fault location and to send an alarm to the operations personnel, reducing time to locate faults by hours. The module also offers in-depth analysis of historical permanent faults, incipient faults, inrush waveforms, and fuse operations. PQView's Automatic Reporting Software (ARS) prepares automatic reports in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. These reports automatically summarize power quality monitoring campaigns or summarize compliance with IEEE 519, IEEE 1453, IEC TS 62749, and EN 50160. Users can create custom compliance reports as well. PQView Answer Modules® automatically assess the health and direction of capacitor switching, record reactive power changes, and the direction of voltage sags.


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FaultPoint® Add-in Module for PQView®

Fault analysis and location functionality in PQView is enabled via the FaultPoint Add-In Module. FaultPoint combines three functions: fault identification from waveform samples, estimation of impedance-to-fault from the waveforms, and display of the estimated fault location using interactive one-line diagrams and maps. The following list is a summary of the functionality supported by FaultPoint: • Identifies Faults from Waveform Samples Recorded by Meters with the following configurations: • Identifies Subcycle Faults from Waveform Samples • Identifies Magnetizing Transformer Inrush Current from Waveform Samples • Estimates Fault Location for Single-Phase Faults using Reactance-to-Fault and Loop Reactance • Sends E-Mail Notification for Fault Events via an SMTP Server • E-Mail Notification includes OSIsoft PI System event correlation if available • E-Mail Notification includes Digital Status Summary if Data Source is Digital Relay • Correlates Fault Events with OSIsoft Operation Events • Displays Estimated Fault Location on One-Line Diagram • Creates Fault Analysis Charts and Summaries • Analyzes Faults using a Follow-On Fault Processing Module • Imports Geographic and Electrical Data for Distribution Lines from Eaton/Cooper CYMDIST Databases or Synergi Electric databases. • Imports and/or Derives Positive-Sequence and Zero-Sequence Impedance from CYMDIST or Synergi Electric Databases • Converts Coordinates from Custom Projection System to Coordinates Compatible with Third-Party GIS Applications such as Google Earth. Customer Testimonial from Paul Stergiou of the Consolidated Edison Company of New York: “Recent addition of advanced fault location capability has significantly increased the value of these systems, reducing the time required to locate feeder faults at Con Edison by more than one hour.”


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