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Proconex, Inc.

PROCONEX - Leader in process automation and expert in creating informed manufacturing decisions, utilizing best in class Manufacturing IT, Data Analytics, Visualization and Controls Platforms.



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PROCONEX is a leader in the process automation industry with extensive experience in control system design, engineering and integration. We’ve guided clients through manufacturing data management solutions resulting in higher yields, reduced variability, operational preparedness and increased reliability. MES, Workflow & Manufacturing IT: strategic planning, MES system architecture Design, MES project Management, ERP to MES & plant Floor Connection solutions, Manufacturing process analysis, Business system analysis. Manufacturing Data Management: Data acquisition & interfacing, alarm analysis & rationalization, utility Management, ERP integration, Manufacturing Analytics, performance tracking, PAT, Batch analytics, asset utilization analysis, process Characterization, process Optimization. Asset Management: Outage Management, inventory Management, intelligent Device Diagnostics, Work Order Optimization, Reports, Visualization & Tools, predictive Batch Quality, Web portals, Continuous process Optimization, Vibration analysis. Manufacturing IT: network security, Cybersecurity threat analysis, patch Management, Data Warehousing. Maintenance: long term Care, lifecycle support. Uncover your manufacturing data to optimize business operations, allow for enterprise-wide collaboration and increase performance. Operations Management: real time costing, supply chain management, Operational Management dashboard, Gross/net production and inventory level reporting, Manufacturing Order planning and scheduling, QA Material inspection activities – raw Material, WIP, Finished Goods; intra-site Document Management and Change Control, laboratory information Management, Warehouse Management and Optimization. Reliability and Process Availability: Downtime reporting, Maintenance Management Dashboard, equipment Maintenance, use and Calibration, asset Condition Monitoring, Condition Based Maintenance, real-time Operations Dashboard.

Partner Type: System Integrator

Active Locations: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America

Industries: Academic, Chemical & Petrochemical, Data Center, Engineering Services, Food & Beverages, Information Technology, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Transmission & Distribution, Transportation, Water & Wastewater

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103 Enterprise Drive
Royersford, Pennsylvania 19468 United States
Phone: +1(610)495-1835