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IT Vizion, Inc.

We specialize in Operational Intelligence and Business to Real-time IT Solutions for Oil, Gas and Chemical companies.



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IT Vizion is a provider of IT solutions, services and products, with a focus on creating business efficiencies that help our clients become more profitable. We strive to become our customer’s industrial IT preferred solution provider. We operate as a market leading trusted advisers, based on our deep domain knowledge and expertise, with a focus on providing cost effective, short time-to-value solutions. Understanding the operational health of the business is vital to your job, and no one likes surprises. Deriving knowledge from data means greater awareness and advance warning of deviations from business plan, allowing you to focus on taking the right action at the right time. Lets explore how we leverage your existing data and enhance your ability to maximize various aspects of business performance and set new benchmarks in Operational Excellence.
IT Vizion helps small and medium sized organization plan, build, run and monitor their infrastructure using an ITIL driven approach, platforms and solutions. From the desktop- to the datacenter- to the application layer, IT Vizion focuses on delivering consistent, quality, and cost conscious solutions for end-users.
CAPABILITIES Software Solutions IT Consulting & Project Services IT Managed Services 24/7 IT Support Services (Product & Solution) Onsite or Remote delivery
COMPETENCY Siemens XHQ OSIsoft PI Historian, AF etc. Microsoft BI, SQL Server ORACLE
DELIVERY CENTERS California & Houston (USA), Timisoara (Romania)
OUR PEOPLE Professional background Chemical\Petroleum\Electronic engineers, IT hardware & Network engineers, computer scientists & DBAs Domain training Internal Oil, Gas, & Chemicals Training throughout the Energy Value Chain to help understand customer needs

Partner Type: System Integrator

Active Locations: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America

Industries: Chemical & Petrochemical, Discrete Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Water & Wastewater

Partner Tier: Registered



255 E. Rincon Street, Suite 302 Suite 205
Corona, California 92880 United States
Phone: +1(817)785-0089


PI System Infrastructure Specialists: 2


Accredited individuals that have completed the PI System Infrastructure specialist accreditation, have demonstrated a deep technical understanding of the PI System Infrastructure and have practical project experience. They also have completed OSIsoft business training and PI System projects while working for their current partner company.

PI System Installation Specialists: 1


Accredited individuals that have completed the PI System Installation specialist accreditation have demonstrated knowledge in planning, installation and complete initial configuration of a PI System. They also have practical experience in PI System Installation.


OSIsoft Marketplace Solutions


Vizion OE

An easy to manage operational excellence platform with an intuitive interface. All your performance metrics, indicators, limit sets and targets intelligently organised, and tracked


Vizion Pack OEE

An OSIsoft PI System starter pack for Manufacturing Intelligence.


Vizion OW

A professional tool to monitor the overall operating condition of your assets. A relentless Data Bot, scouting plant data 24/7 looking for emerging issues.



Products & Services


Vizion Pack OEE

An OSIsoft PI System starter pack for Manufacturing Intelligence - Get your OSIsoft PI SystemTM manufacturing solution up and running more quickly with Vizion Pack OEE. Connect, configure, deploy. Benefits of Vizion Pack OEE: ✓ A quick start to your industrial OEE enterprise solution ✓ Know when your campaign will end to help reduce lost time during changeovers ✓ Shorter time to solution and value ✓ Encapsulates Manufacturing Intelligence best practice ✓ Best practice visualization templates ✓ Reusable configuration, Calcs and templates ✓ Leverage existing IT investments ✓ Microsoft SQL server Reporting add-on ✓ Scalable and adaptable


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Vizion OE

Conceived as an easy to use application, Vizion OE v2.0. consolidates, centralizes and simplifies business and operational indicators, leading to greater situational awareness. This Operational Excellence application helps drive continuous improvement by providing simple and timely access to decision critical operational metrics. Dealing with a wide variety of inputs and data at different volumes and velocities, Vizion OE helps to remove the burden of indicator management and performance reporting. Vizion OE was developed by IT Vizion based on years of listening and responding to the business needs of clients all over the world and is already in use at several plants around the world. Introducing Vizion OE v2.0 Enhancements: 1. My Indicators 2. Bad Actors Analytics 3. Data Validation Support 4. More data sources Historians (PI DA or AF) or Relational Data sources 5. Ownership models 6. User Configurable Dashboards – XHQ independent option


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Vizion Watch - Proactive Monitoring of OI Solutions

VizionWatch monitors your OI solution (so you don’t have to). Proactive Monitoring of: ✓ Critical system log files ✓ Overall health of your Operations Intelligence solution ✓ Status of all data collections and connections. Interfaces with your IT Monitoring Infrastructure and Tools ✓ Performance counters ✓ Ability to send errors to Event Log. Notifications via Email: ✓ System errors and malfunctions ✓ Performance counters deviations (vs limits set) ✓ Detected flags in log files (Error, Warning, Tag Sync) and Oracle logs


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