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Wunderlich-Malec Engineeering, Inc.

VIP Services® is a world class maintenance software app. for Microsoft® tablets. VIP Services improves efficiency & increase productivity while supporting Condition Based Maintenance.



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VIP Services® is a practical augmented reality app for Microsoft® tablets. Created by Wunderlich-Malec, it’s designed for engineers, technicians and operations as they go about their workday. VIP Services helps accomplish two major objectives faced by virtually all manufacturing and industrial personnel today: improving efficiency and increasing productivity. VIP Water® makes it easy to display and share live data in real time between a PLC/HMI/SCADA, vendors or support personnel, production databases and document servers. This optimizes the efficiency of your water processing operations. VIP Audit A key component of VIP Water is Audit. Audit allows you to seamlessly and easily keep track of your EPA certifications and requirements. Scanning a POI will present a screen that allows you to quickly bring up the relevant checklist. With one tap, Audit will then compile the checklist and show you where you stand and which items need to be addressed next. VIP Power® displays data, schematics and resources about equipment it recognizes within our WM Modular Integrated Control Enclosure (WM MICE). Using VIP Power® enables our WM MICE to become a data-rich environment where live data, schematics, tech manuals, vendor contacts, PM systems, KPIs and reports are available right at the equipment they represent. VIP Audit We understand that NERC CIP is something that you constantly stress over. One of the key reasons VIP Audit was created is to relieve that stress. Audit does this my making your checklists digital and backing them up remotely. Instead of picking up a clipboard, pick up your Windows tablet with VIP Services installed and simply scan a POI to get to work.

Partner Type: System Integrator

Active Locations: Asia-Pacific, Central America and Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America

Industries: Chemical & Petrochemical, Data Center, Discrete Manufacturing, Engineering Services, Facilities, Food & Beverages, Government, Information Technology, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Water & Wastewater

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6101 Blue Circle Drive VIP IT Services Group
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55343
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VIP Water - IIoT Solutions for the Water / Waste Water Market

VIP Water – Digital Transformation for the Municipal Market Reduce Unscheduled Downtime - Technicians lose time looking for resources, schematics, procedures or other info needed to complete a task. • VIP On-Demand – Links equipment to relevant data via a VIP QR Tag. VIP provides requested information the technician needs in his hand. • VIP Capture – Allows the user to add data or information over time – snapshots, notes, etc. Better Decision Making through Digitization – Today, Downtime Issues, & PM Procedures are done manually – This can result in unclear or inaccurate data collected - resulting in possible problems. • VIP RealTime - Shows relevant dashboards, alarms and trends – allowing the user to make better decisions and be more productive. • VIP WorkOrder – Manual procedures are automated to ensure data is collected correctly.


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