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Ceteck Tecnologica, S.L.

Ceteck is a company specialized on PI System services: training, maintenance, tech support, consulting, AF modeling, WEB development and ad-hoc software solutions over PI Sytem.



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Ceteck is a company specialized on PI System services: training, maintenance, tech support, consulting, AF modeling, WEB development and ad hoc software solutions over PI Sytem. Ceteck also develops its own products such as Web Reports Manager, Logbook, Machine OEE and availability, etc. and has large experience on power generation companies, utilities, pharma, etc.

Partner Type: System Integrator

Active Locations: Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Europe, Israel, Latin America, Mexico, North America, Norway, Spain

Industries: Banking & Finance, Chemical & Petrochemical, Data Center, Discrete Manufacturing, Engineering Services, Facilities, Information Technology, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Partner Tier: Registered



Calle la Farola 3
Rafelbunyol, Valencia 46138 Spain
Phone: 34961471406


PI System Infrastructure Specialists: 3


Accredited individuals that have completed the PI System Infrastructure specialist accreditation, have demonstrated a deep technical understanding of the PI System Infrastructure and have practical project experience. They also have completed OSIsoft business training and PI System projects while working for their current partner company.

PI System Installation Specialists: 2


Accredited individuals that have completed the PI System Installation specialist accreditation have demonstrated knowledge in planning, installation and complete initial configuration of a PI System. They also have practical experience in PI System Installation.



Products & Services


WEB Report Manager

WEB Report Manager is the most requested application by our real-time tools customers. It is a web application that allows you to run reports based on PI Datalink (or any other Excel data sources) periodically or manually. The reports are fully customizable by the client. The reports issued permit review and validation by users to meet different requirements. Thanks to Report Manager, end users do not need dedicated people to generating daily, weekly and monthly reports, calculate and send them to end users. Report Manager makes all those tasks and the result is sent by email in Excel or PDF format I can also be downloaded from the application itself.


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Coolwind is our web monitoring tool for wind farms based on PI System. Thanks to Coolwind, you will have access to all your business data, budget and status of your wind farms. The application works with PI AF and can be adapted to existing corporate structures. Moreover, apart from wind farms, you can add data from other technologies or ask for custom pages. Among other features, it includes: Manage your wind farms in a single application over PI System. Know your current production and compare it to the forecast and theoretical production. See the profit in each wind farm. Compare your budget. Accomplish your goals. Manage your wind turbines. Alarm dashboard and record. Real-Time data and power curves. Plant and turbine efficiencies. Availability and statistics.


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