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STEAG Energy Services GmbH

STEAG Energy Services has a long-lasting experience in the implementation of Performance Monitoring Solutions for Power-Plants world-wide and offers Fleetwide-Monitoring and EBSILON®Professional based on PI-System.



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With a renowned and sizeable team of engineers and technicians we develop, design and operate power plants worldwide. Our company offers a full range of services and solutions for energy-related projects from one source. Headquartered in Essen, Germany, our company has nine subsidiaries, six of them abroad. Presently, we manage four power plants under operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts, in different parts of the world. STEAG Energy Services acts as a conduit for knowledge transfer between STEAG's own power plants (at home and abroad) and STEAG services for third party customers whilst exploring opportunities in new markets by offering engineering and consulting services as well as operations and "asset light" projects (O&M contracts in conjunction with minority investments) as a market entry point. As a wholly owned subsidiary of STEAG GmbH we provide comprehensive engineering and other services dealing with all aspects of energy. Along with projects from various special fields, such as design services in connection with the new construction and modernization of all types of conventional and renewables power plants and nuclear facilities, we also provide all services required for the operation and maintenance of such plants. In addition, we develop IT solutions for cost and process optimization in the power plant sector. What started out as the building and operating of STEAG-owned power plants meanwhile has become our brand label worldwide: Power plant technology "Made in Germany". Through our international subsidiaries we offer our products and services directly in local markets. Our most important asset is our employees. In 2014 we employed 1,615 people worldwide, engineers, scientists and technicians in their majority. They continuously exchange knowledge, utilize the latest findings and experience, and develop customized solutions for the power plants of our customers. Numerous patents furnish impressive proof of this.

Partner Type: System Integrator

Active Locations: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Austria, Botswana, Brazil, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Europe, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Middle East, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Industries: Engineering Services, Other, Power Generation

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Rüttenscheider Straße 1-3
Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia 45128 Germany
Phone: ++49 201 801 4021




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STEAG Asset Monitoring

EBSILON®Professional by STEAG Energy Services (SES) is a universal simulation system for thermodynamic cycle processes and supports in the planning, design, and online optimization of plants. Now SES is providing this established tool in a comprehensive package with OSIsoft’s PI system. A web service developed by SES for the PI system allows to directly communicate with EBSILON®Professional via an Internet connection, for instance in order to receive input data for carrying out simulation calculations and transmitting the results into the PI system. Thus different specialists are able to calculate individual components right up to the entire plant using thermodynamic cycle models and to promptly visualize the results by means of an Internet browser at any place in order to make them available to all involved persons in the form of informative diagrams. Not only does this facilitate the site-independent collaboration, but it also accelerates the performance optimization of assets in terms of the overall solution. Similarly, the production data of plants already in operation can be centrally gathered via the PI system and structured into individual assets (e.g. technically or commercially) at the most various sites. Engineers specialized in particular components can then carry out online and offline calculations for individual assets via simulation models with the help of EBSILON®Professional and visualize the results via the PI system. Subsequently, the calculated characteristics and operation-dependent reference values can be condensed to key performance indicators. Among other things, the provision of such data via a central platform thus opens up new potentials for a uniform benchmarking. As, in addition, the solution by SES is a very flexibly scalable system, it will grow with the requirements. The Asset Monitoring system can initially be applied for calculating individual components in a plant and subsequently be expanded to further assets and sites.


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