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Hatch Ltd

Hatch is an employee-owned, multi-disciplinary professional services firm that delivers a comprehensive array of business and technical services to the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors



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Your challenges are transforming the way you do business. We understand that your needs are changing rapidly and that you need a partner who is proactive in identifying the larger, long-term issues affecting your business. A partner who listens carefully and is agile and innovative in their approach. A partner who sees the potential of emerging technologies and can deliver value in ways that are most meaningful and relevant for today. We embrace our clients’ vision as our own to help them adapt to a dynamic world. We bring our best thinking and teams to solve your toughest challenges. To help you transform the world. With over six decades of business and technical experience in the mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors, we know your business and understand that your challenges are changing rapidly. We respond quickly with solutions that are smarter, more efficient, and innovative. We draw upon our 9,000 staff with experience in over 150 countries to challenge the status quo and create positive change for our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve. We are able to tackle the tough issues to drive positive change with sustainable business model, smart cities & urban, responsible energy, digital operations and modern mining solutions

Partner Type: System Integrator

Active Locations: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Peru, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States North East, United States South, United States West

Industries: Chemical & Petrochemical, Engineering Services, Facilities, Government, Hospital & Medical, Information Technology, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Transmission & Distribution, Transportation, Water & Wastewater

Partner Tier: Registered



2800 Speakman Drive Sheridan Science & Technology Park
Mississauga, Ontario L5K 2R7 Canada
Phone: +1(905)855-7600


PI System Infrastructure Specialists: 1


Accredited individuals that have completed the PI System Infrastructure specialist accreditation, have demonstrated a deep technical understanding of the PI System Infrastructure and have practical project experience. They also have completed OSIsoft business training and PI System projects while working for their current partner company.



Products & Services


Digital Operations

If you’re running a major processing facility, power plant, manufacturing operation—almost anything—chances are your operations could use a check-up. Demands for commodities are in decline, prices are volatile, and productivity is low. And, with new pressures from regulatory agencies and sustainability demands, the health of your facilities and business are likely at risk. You feel the symptoms. But what’s the treatment? Some say digital operations are the way of the future, but how does this translate into more product, better safety, and an extension of your facility’s life cycle? Systems can be empowering and data even more so—but only if it’s accurate, connected, and timely, adding value to your bottom line. The global mining industry is a case in point. It’s obviously in pain, and sweating assets will only go so far. A mine needs to be a system; connected through the Internet of Things, applying data analytics, visualization technologies, autonomous equipment, and cloud computing, to name a few. The data already exists and we’ve got a diagnosis. Now it’s time for the cure. Technology needs to be applied and invested in if you're going to extract the benefits and get your business on the road to health. Hatch's response to the these challenges consists of specialized services in the following areas: - Performance Innovation Centers - Digital Transformations - Predictive Asset Management - Integrated Operations Centers - Value Chain Decision Making - Operations Management Platforms


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Sustainable / Modern Mining

For many years, our clients have been focused on volume—getting tonnages through gates. But the days of ever-greater quantities and always-bigger tools are over. Today, all over the world, the demand for mining-and-metals products is down. Inventories are increasing, so prices are dropping, too. Mining companies are responding by doing what they know best: reducing costs and eliminating anything that’s not seen as immediately adding value to the creation of the product. It’s a strategy that can only take us so far. Once the low-hanging fruit is gone, so are our options. It’s time for a new paradigm in mining. We have to start thinking differently and working smarter. We’re engineers at our core, and engineers love solving problems. So we’re partnering with our clients to tackle some of the toughest challenges in mining, finding innovative answers to the questions that keep them up at night. Hatch's response to these challenges consists of automation, electrification, continuous operations, eliminating barriers and flow sheet optimization.


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Responsible Energy

For decades, we’ve relied on traditional energy sources — especially fossil fuels and hydroelectric — to supply large amounts of power. Today, the realities of climate change are transforming the global energy mix…and our world. Renewable energy has become a game-changing and self-sustaining force. Emerging technologies are speeding the transition to a more harmonious mix of traditional and greener energy sources. While these changes are creating new opportunities, for industry the evolution is often more complex. Greater regulation, carbon pricing; and stakeholder engagement are becoming the new normal. We need to optimize energy and power sources to minimize environmental impacts without sacrificing affordability and efficiency. Until recently, new technologies like storage-battery systems, small modular nuclear reactors, solar arrays, and wind turbines were failing the cost-effectiveness test. Many hadn't yet stood the test of time and weren’t sufficiently reliable. Today, governments are investing to spur development, and R&D institutions and industry leaders are more engaged in knowledge sharing. The cost of cutting-edge energy technologies is inching down, coming closer to attaining grid-parity with some of the bigger, more traditional sources. We’re optimistic about the future. About reducing carbon emissions from oil and gas. About maximizing green technologies and developing new hydro and nuclear power projects. About microgrid technologies that are powering remote sites and communities. We’re putting our best minds to work for your business to find the smarter energy solution. If the answer doesn’t exist today, we’ll work with you to create it. Hatch's response to these challenges consists of water-free in situ oil extraction, managing microgrids, fusion technology and small modular reactors


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