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eVision Industry Software B.V.

eVision Industry Software creates best-in-class Control of Work software: innovative solutions that improve the way oil, gas, chemical and other hazardous industries operate.



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eVision Industry Software creates best-in-class Control of Work software. Innovative solutions that improve the way oil, gas, chemical and other hazardous industries operate on a global and local scale. eVision enables you to increase the safety and speed of your operations, supporting you in reaching your operational excellence and safety objectives. eVision solutions are fully configurable to match your organization's wishes and requirements, while ensuring unprecedented ease-of-use and full compliance with the latest protocols and regulations. Major organisations such as Shell, Statoil, BP, Qatar Petroleum, Repsol-Sinopec and many more have selected eVision as their Control of Work vendor of choice, solidifying eVision as industry leader of its domain. With offices worldwide and partnerships with the world’s leading system integrators, eVision provides high-quality delivery and support, on location, at all times. For more information, please visit

Partner Type: Independent Software Vendor

Active Locations: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America

Industries: Chemical & Petrochemical, Data Center, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Power Generation

Partner Tier: Registered



Lange Vijverberg 3
The Hague, 2513 AC Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)703626126



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Permit Vision

Improving situational awareness and risk management with real-time data



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Permit Vision

Permit Vision is a future-proof, industry best-practice Control of Work solution, with efficiency and scalability as top priorities. Used by industry leaders globally, it combines Permit to Work, Risk Assessment and Isolation Management processes into a holistic digital system. Whether you’re looking for a SaaS implementation for a single asset, or on-premise system for a global implementation, Permit Vision improves your on-site safety, efficiency and awareness no matter the size or complexity of your operations.


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Shift Vision

Our user-centric Shift Management tool takes often tedious, complicated and unclear shift management processes and transforms these into a single connected, easy, and consistent software system. Shift Vision allows you to log, share and monitor everything that happens during shifts, creating an easily auditable and highly user-configurable solution that makes shift management a breeze. Besides this, it offers full connectivity with both your MMS and Permit Vision, allowing you to connect and even automate large parts of the daily PTW and shift process.


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Mobile Vision

In an ever-connected modern world, mobile devices are steadily finding their way into hazardous operations. Being able to communicate data directly over long distances tremendously increases awareness and shortens the time it takes to get your work done, due to on-demand critical intelligence and streamlined work processes. Frontline mobility solutions enable organisations to share knowledge more effectively, better allocate resources, and improve workforce productivity through more personal and direct interaction with both the tasks at hand, and the Permit Vision system. Mobile Vision, eVision’s native mobile application platform, utilises online and offline mobile technologies to directly address time lost during operations due to travel, lack of available information and situational awareness on the frontline, and waiting due to inefficient communications. Fit-for-purpose apps help your workforce gain valuable time and insight with clear-cut functionalities.


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