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Arista Renewable Energies, Inc.

Arista is an independent consulting firm specialized in the renewable energy sector (wind and solar). We are specialized in the performance evaluation of operational farms.



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Arista is an independent consulting firm involved in the development, implementation, and performance validation of various types of renewable energy projects (wind, solar). For over a decade, Arista’s personnel have been involved in the performance characterization of renewable systems through the use of database (historian) and statistical analysis. In this period, Arista engineers have developed in-depth knowledge of best practices, performance metrics, and highly skilled programming related to renewable energy, and have demonstrated their ability to successfully detect under-performance issues, increase performance and detect and solve conditions under which lifetime of assets could be significantly impacted. These gains in concrete and relevant knowledge have given rise to Arista CONNEX, in order to meet the market need for better data archiving and automated performance analysis. To date, performance analysis and enhancement projects have been completed for a number of wind farms, multiple clients and turbine manufacturers. With a track record of over 3,000 MW of operational wind turbines representing several different manufacturers, Arista has successfully helped minimize energy losses, improve performance and reduce control conditions that could have an impact on the lifetimes of wind turbines. In summary, Arista CONNEX is equivalent to the implementation of a reliability centre composed of several engineers specialized in operations and diagnostics, but without all the IT material, office space, staffing, training, maintenance and R&D hurdles needed to implement this type of department. Arista CONNEX can be viewed as a remote centre of excellence that mainly consists of the implementation of a best-in-class data acquisitioning system, continuous and automatic performance analysis of renewable energy producing assets, automatic reporting and alarm generation. Highly experienced data analysts/engineers specialized in the wind energy sector are also involved in Arista CONNEX to provide added value information to the Client’s site operators, managers, data analysts and corporate team.

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Active Locations: Canada, United States Midwest, United States North East, United States South, United States West

Industries: Power Generation

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2648, avenue Desjardins
Montreal, Quebec H1V 2H7 Canada
Phone: 514-575-4449



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Arista CONNEX is a subscription-based remote reliability center, providing a complete framework of services to efficiently track and diagnose abnormal performance issues of renewable projects.