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Symboticware Incorporated

Symboticware provides technology solutions to help customers unlock, collect and analyze valuable data from their industrial mobile assets to help improve business outcomes.



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Symboticware is a global technology provider of purpose built data acquisition solutions focused on heavy industrial applications. Symboticware provides technology solutions to help customers unlock, collect and analyze valuable data from their industrial mobile assets to help improve business outcomes based on: - optimizing productivity; - identifying opportunities to increase efficient use of their resources; - increasing equipment availability through better condition and preventative maintenance; and - enhancing safety by real-time feedback to operators. Our flagship product, the SymBot, is an industrial data acquisition solution for the collection, aggregation and delivery of vehicle data. Our telemetry solution consists of the SymBot telemetry hardware and SymView, our SymBot management software and data aggregator. The SymBot interfaces to the vehicle onboard sensor networks using OEM supplied interfaces; it collects and time stamps data parameters from haul trucks, loaders, other heavy industry production and support vehicles. The collected data is transferred to the SymView server using the customer’s existing communications infrastructure. From SymView, data can be integrated to the operations existing or Symboticware cloud-based PI data historian or visualized in the web-enabled SymView KPI Dashboard. Symboticware’s solution is capable of assisting companies to accomplish their performance goals through our industry proven technology, best of breed partner eco-system, award winning project management combined with our expertise in heavy industrial operations. We have built our solutions and reputation in mining and metals and have an entire team of experts available to support our customers. The SymBot is the only commercial data acquisition solution that is purpose built for the mining and metals industry with patented store-and-forward capabilities; our products are customer proven and used in the industry every day.

Partner Type: Connected Service, Technology Partner

Active Locations: Africa, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Central America and Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Europe, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, North America, Peru, Poland, South Africa, United States Midwest, United States North East, United States South, United States West

Industries: Government, Information Technology, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Transmission & Distribution, Transportation, Water & Wastewater

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The SymBot data acquisition solution consists of a SymBot on each vehicle. The SymBot most often interfaces with the vehicle data bus using a non-intrusive tee-tap behind the service port. The SymBot polls all configured data parameters from the vehicle data bus and stores them locally in an internal database. It will then transmit the data via an integrated Wi-Fi or cellular network interface to the SymView data aggregation server installed at the customer site or Symboticware’s cloud-based PI system. SymView provides a tight integration into PI with a direct connection into the data historian without the need for a supplementary interface. The SymBot has been designed for use in areas of intermittent connectivity; when in range of the network (example Wi-Fi), data is transmitted in a First In, First Out (FIFO) manner. This results in a complete, error and gap free stream of data. Our patented store-and-forward technology transmits data in small chunks, providing data integrity, even during periods of intermittent connectivity. Data that is successfully transmitted is marked as complete with no risk of data corruption or duplication; this results in an efficient data transfer mechanism. The SymBot is the only data acquisition solution that can simultaneously collect and transmit data; as data is streamed to SymView, it immediately becomes available without the need to transfer all the recorded vehicle data. The SymBot can interpret any heavy equipment vehicle data bus, including proprietary CDL, SAE J1939, SAE J1708/1587 and others along with integration into 3rd party sensor packages. Symboticware is a Global Technology Partner of OSIsoft and the only mobile telemetry solution in the OSIsoft Ecosphere. Through our integration with PI, we can support the configuration of the PI Asset Framework and creation of PI tags. Further, Symboticware can also offer custom report development based on the specific needs of the operations.


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SymView is a centralised server that normally resides on existing site infrastructure; upon connection to one (or many) SymBots, SymView acts as the receiving node of the collected sensor/vehicle data.  Symboticware’s data propagation schema was designed such that only one instance of SymView is required per site for an entire fleet of SymBots.  In addition, SymView is the centralised configuration manager for the SymBots. Through the SymView web portal, maintainers can perform a multitude of tasks, namely: • Query the health of SymBots; • Push software updates; • Monitor the data retrieved; • Add/remove SymBots to the network; • Configure the individual data points to be retrieved from each SymBot; • Quickly view trends in the raw data; • Remotely retrieve logs, as well as restart SymBots; and • Assign PI tag names to data points. SymView integrates data into PI using OSIsoft PI’s JDBC interface, eliminating the need for additional OSIsoft PI interfaces to import raw data files. The JDBC interface interacts directly with PI’s database – in a read-only fashion – which offers a much tighter integration and obfuscation throughout the entire data propagation path. In order for SymView to interact with PI, the site needs to have the PI JDBC Driver 2016 and PI OLEDB Provider 2016 Install Kit prepared, available through the PI System Access (PSA) package.


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