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W.A. Cromarty & Co Pty Ltd

Expert advice and experience in osisoft installations, consulting services, automation services, instrumentation and electrical engineering.



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Our experience stems from working closely with companies of all sizes, providing high-quality, flexible business solutions aimed at exceeding their expectations and improving operations. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with our clients by combining our technical expertise with a strong customer focus. Cromarty’s big business capabilities mean we’re equipped to provide best-practice solutions, while our small business soul means we deliver a tailored service on-time and on-budget.

Partner Type: System Integrator

Active Locations: Asia-Pacific

Industries: Engineering Services, Food & Beverages, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Power Generation, Water & Wastewater

Partner Tier: Registered



79 Howick St
Launceston, Tasmania 7250 Australia
Phone: 407562332