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Canvass Analytics, Inc

Canvass Analytics tackles the complicated challenge of making data science scalable for Industrial companies with its AI-powered analytics platform.



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Canvass Analytics delivers predictive analytics powered by AI (artificial intelligence) for the Industrial IoT. The Canvass Analytics platform distills the millions of operational data points into actionable insights that empower industrial companies to optimize their production processes, maintenance programs and energy efficiency in order to increase yield, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Leveraging AI, the Canvass Analytics platform automates the entire data analysis process – from data collection, model creation, predictions and model retraining. As a result, operational teams get the most accurate prediction that helps them anticipate process inefficiencies, predict equipment failures, and foresee energy usage.

Partner Type: Independent Software Vendor

Active Locations: North America

Industries: Chemical & Petrochemical, Food & Beverages, Mining, Metallurgy & Material, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Transportation

Partner Tier: Registered



245 Portsmouth Court
Roswell, 30076
Phone: 605-999-5248




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Canvass AI-enabled Predictive Analytics Platform

CANVASS FOR PRODUCTION: Optimize your production processes in order to maximize output and reduce downtime. From identifying underperforming assets to predicting the impact of a change in the operating environment, with Canvass Analytics’ AI-enabled predictive analytics platform you can optimize production processes by up to 30% and increase yield by up to 20%. CANVASS FOR MAITENANCE: Implement predictive maintenance programs for better planning, longer machine uptime and avoiding unplanned downtimes. With Canvass Analytics' AI-powered predictive analytics platform, operations managers can reduce maintenance costs by 30%, decrease unplanned downtime by 50%, and increase the useful life of assets by 20%. CANVASS FOR ENERGY: Predictive analytics from Canvass Analytics help drive plant-wide energy optimization initiatives that minimize energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Accelerate your green energy initiatives through real-time optimization of individual assets (e.g. turbines), optimal allocation of load, forecasting consumption and optimal scheduling. Canvass' AI-powered predictive analytics helps increase energy efficiency by 30% and reduce overall carbon footprint by 15%.


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