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Datapred SA

Datapred is an industry-strength machine learning suite dedicated to time series.



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Unlike classic « batch » machine learning, Datapred natively captures the sequence of industrial events, delivering significant accuracy and performance gains when time is a key component of your analysis, optimization or prediction challenge. Notable use cases include predictive maintenance, sales predictions and dynamic inventory allocation. Datapred integrates seamlessly with most IT systems and data visualization tools. Datapred is the first packaged application of sequential aggregation, a recent branch of machine learning focused on time series. When dealing with complex sequential data, Datapred will usually deliver the following benefits: (i) Greater forecast accuracy (ii) Fewer classification errors (false positives and negatives) (iii) Improved interpretability

Partner Type: Independent Software Vendor

Active Locations: Europe

Industries: Oil & Gas, Transportation

Partner Tier: Registered



EPFL Innovation Park Bâtiment A
Lausanne, 1015 Switzerland
Phone: +33663282718



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Machine learning suite for industrial time series.