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Morgan Schaffer, Ltd

Morgan Schaffer provides accurate Dissolved Gas Analysis solutions for transformer condition monitoring, including online and portable monitors, laboratory services, diagnostic software and commercial oil standards.



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Morgan Schaffer was the pioneer of DGA in North America. Today, we provide the industry’s most accurate, precise and reliable Dissolved Gas Analysis solutions. Clients worldwide depend on our online DGA monitors, portable gas analyzers, laboratory services, diagnostic software and commercial oil standards to monitor the condition of their high-voltage power transformers and other oil-filled electrical assets. Morgan Schaffer’s Calisto online DGA monitors (1, 2, 5 or 9 gases) provide unmatched accuracy, maximum up-time and low, predictable total cost of ownership. They allow early detection of impending failures, cost-efficient, condition-based maintenance and optimal loading decisions. Our Myrkos portable gas analyzers provide lab-quality DGA data where you need it, when you need it: in remote locations or any time on-site diagnosis is required, to confirm online monitoring data, or when frequent oil testing is required on aging transformers. They provide interference-free measurement of all 9 gases in all common oil types in just 2 minutes. Morgan Schaffer’s laboratories provide the full range of dielectric oil tests. Our fast, flexible service and the unparalleled accuracy of our test results have made Morgan Schaffer the most trusted name in dielectric oil analysis. Our labs also produce True North and Atlantis, the world’s only commercially available gas-in-oil and moisture-in-oil standards. Morgan Schaffer’s Inside View insulating oil diagnostic software solves the most common challenges faced by asset managers. It uses the OSISoft PI infrastructure to monitor transformer condition using dissolved gas measurements from online monitors and oil quality analyses and turns your DGA data into actionable information for informed decision making and condition-based maintenance. Morgan Schaffer is committed to excellence in everything we do, including our responsive customer service, ongoing technical support and training. DGA data is too important to trust to just anyone. Morgan Schaffer did it first. We still do it best.

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Active Locations: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America

Industries: Transmission & Distribution

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LaSalle, Quebec H8N 2H1 Canada
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Inside View - Insulating Oil Diagnostic Software

Inside View is a diagnostic software that acquires and manages data from equipment filled with dielectric fluid (Transformers, LTC, Breakers, Bushings).