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DSA, Inc.

Data Systems Analysts (DSA) works with Government, Commercial, and Academic Facility Managers to design, implement, and operationalize innovative solutions for visualizing and managing their environments.



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Data Systems Analysts (DSA) works with Government, Manufacturing, Commercial Building, and Academic Facility Managers to design, implement, and operationalize innovative solutions for visualizing and managing their process control environments. Solutions include: Operational Data Centralization: Working with the OSIsoft PI system, DSA builds an operational data warehouse that provides you with a centralized data infrastructure to access energy utilization information within and across assets, systems and plants - information that empowers your organization to make transformational energy decisions. Improved Situational Awareness: Using real-time data gathered from your site’s sensors or Building Automation Systems (BAS), DSA works with your team to collect, historize, calibrate, and analyze system data to deliver improved accuracy, timeliness, and granularity of system performance and energy consumption data through intuitive reports and dashboards. Spatial Analysis: Utilizing the premier GIS tool, Esri ArcGIS, and OSIsoft’s Integrator for Esri ArcGIS, DSA can transform existing system CAD drawings into ArcGIS views and enhance them with PI data, delivering dynamic information on critical assets in real-time. Energy and Sustainability Management: Making well-informed, relevant energy and sustainability decisions requires organized and reliable data. DSA has the resources and experience to assist in the collection, management and reporting of your energy data. We can help you set baselines to track energy use and intensity improvement over time via our proven energy information management dashboards. This reporting tool can provide secure access to your data and the customized reports you need to facilitate your energy and sustainability programs. Incident Management: DSA integrates the OSIsoft product suite into existing incident management tools and procedures, enabling automated incident detection, notification, logging, and closure as well as post-event analysis and root cause analysis, improving our clients’ incident response through timely situational awareness.

Partner Type: System Integrator

Active Locations: United States Midwest, United States North East, United States South, United States West

Industries: Academic, Commercial, Data Center, Facilities, Government, Hospital & Medical, Information Technology, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Transportation, Water & Wastewater

Partner Tier: Registered



1760 Old Meadow Road Suite 100
McLean, Virginia 22003 United States
Phone: 703.748.7040




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Situational Awareness

DSA delivers real-time situational awareness data to public, commercial, and academic leaders and mission stakeholders on Operational Technology (OT) such as critical infrastructure. Our solutions directly support organizational leadership and the broader community of interest on important issues of energy efficiency, ISO compliance, cyber security, and emergency preparedness. This information enables decision makers to develop operational awareness, improve information sharing, and transform from reactive to proactive analysis. There is an ever-increasing need for situational awareness capabilities as a fundamental component to security and energy infrastructure profiles for both private industry and the federal government. Our Situational Awareness practice includes Energy Management & Planning, Cost/Use Reduction Strategies, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Program Technical Support, Regulatory and ISO 50001 Compliance through Data Analytics and Advisory Services.


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